Diverse Voices in Theatre
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Diverse Voices in Theater
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Another Country Productions offers educational shows to universities, secondary schools and corporations as well as offering courses in acting and playwriting.

The Meisner Technique
Another Country is best known for Artistic Director Lyralen Kaye's popular classes in the Meisner Technique, which teach actors to live truthfully under imaginary circumstances; and to find radical connection and spontaneity with each other. Lyralen, who has an MFA in Theatre from Sarah Lawrence College and who studied Meisner with Fred Kareman at Carnegie Hall, has developed her own philosophy and curriculum which combines the authenticity of Meisner with the high stakes that come from an actor's full commitment to the script and use of his or her imagination.
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Private Coaching
Lyralen also offers private coaching to playwrights and actors. With playwrights, she provides support and 15 years of editorial experience, helping writers to strengthen dramatic structure and reach completion of their own artistic vision. For actors, she provides monologue coaching as well as private training in the Meisner technique.

Movement and Presence
All Meisner classes now include the cutting edge use of mindfulness practices, body awareness, and movement theory to expand the expressive possibilities of each actor. These practices also profoundly increase confidence, the ability to be present, and the ability to perform well at auditions. Specific workshop combining the connection of Meisner with movement and mindfulness are now also offered!

Devised Theatre
& Activism

Lyralen Kaye now works with schools and organizations to develop theatre created from the students' own experience. These devised pieces help build understanding and community, give immigrant and minority students a voice, and show the beauty of language and physicality. No prior theatre experience is necessary for participants to discover profound and meaningful self-expression.

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