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Saint John The Divine In Iowa by Lyralen Kaye
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Saint John The Divine In Iowa

"Saint John The Divine In Iowa tells the story of an Episcopal priest whose liberal views are put to the ultimate test when her daughter comes out to her—and brings home a gender-queer, ultra-free thinker whose idea of love and relationships go against everything she believes in. Poignant and laugh-out-loud funny, its ending is surprisingly though-provoking, even in liberal Massachusetts. Saint John The Divine in Iowa explores four deeply moral characters as they struggle with their own goodness.

"There are no damaged or broken characters. These are real people trying to love better"."  ~ Lyralen Kaye

"Here's a play that presents a sense of the sacred, a struggle for inclusivity, and a recognition that a church that tries to be like that will also find itself in honest and vigorous conflict."  ~ Reverend Paul Bresnahan, father of two gay sons


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Saint John The Divine in Iowa, adapted from the Screenplay by Lyralen Kaye and directed by Julia Short in March of 2012
"Ms. Kaye takes on dual roles of playwright and actress, starring as Reverend Alex. Her inner turmoil of doing what she believes but also wanting what she feels is best for her daughter is both subtle and heartfelt." Lesley Moreau, EDGE BOSTON
"This script is complicated to pull off, but under Short’s direction, the cast never loses faith in the material or each other. The audience knows it is in for something special right from the Reverend’s opening sermon, which Kaye delivers as effortlessly as if she were making off-the-cuff remarks at a friend’s dinner party. In scene after scene, the cast eschews theatrics for underplayed moments of intimacy. Caitlin Berger gives a polished performance as the stubborn, strong willed daughter Sarah." Craig Idlebrook, THE NEW ENGLAND THEATRE GEEK  

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